Re: DSSSList policy question

Subject: Re: DSSSList policy question
From: David Megginson <dmeggins@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 20:09:31 -0400
Tony Graham writes:

 > Speaking for myself, call me old-fashioned, but I dislike receiving
 > unsolicited information about goods and services by e-mail from any
 > source, for any reason.
 > I would say, if you want to make yourself known to the list, write
 > good responses to people's questions and let your answers speak for
 > you.

I live in the country (Canada) with the cheapest over-the-phone
Internet access in the world, according the THE ECONOMIST (they
include the cost of the local phone call).  As a result, perhaps I
place too little value on my online time; in any case, I have no
objection to goods-and-service announcements (or job postings) that
meet the following criteria:

1) they have strong relevance to DSSSL;
2) they are technical and factual in nature;
3) they are short; and
4) they are not repeated for the same release/conference/course/position.

I would not like to see anonymous job announcements or job
announcements from head-hunting firms.

All the best,


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