Re: node-property

Subject: Re: node-property
From: Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 00:10:07 -0400
Richard Light wrote:
> As I read it, you are fighting a losing battle.  DSSSL-O seems to be
> carefully constructed so that you cannot get at DTD information like
> element declarations.  Although the '(root' construction rule gives you
> access to the sgml-document node, the commands you are then allowed to
> use limit you to element-type nodes within the document instance.
> For example, the rubric for '(process-children)' quite explicitly says:
> "When the current node is of class 'sgml-document', the value of the
> 'document-element' property is treated as being the children of the
> node." In other words, don't try getting at the prolog!
> Or am I wrong?  (I would be delighted if I were!)

No, you are right. That's why I was surprised that I could get at come
DTD information such as entities. In a sense, entities belong to the
instance, but SGML puts them syntactically in the DTD. I have since
figured out that the ELEMENTS node-list should give the elements a full
list of elements in the instance in tree order, not the elements in the

Maybe James will comment on whether he intends to extend Jade to support
a more full grove model. Such a grove would provide a single,
well-documented (ISO standardized!) API for C++ programmers that would
seem to have all of the power of the Jade "native API" (wouldn't it?).

 Paul Prescod

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