Re: DD: Cookbook procedure markup sample (Was: DD: Status)

Subject: Re: DD: Cookbook procedure markup sample (Was: DD: Status)
From: Dave Love <>
Date: 31 Jul 1997 17:38:28 +0100
[Meanwhile, much later...]

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Graham <tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 Tony> For the rest of us, what is Scheme's SLIB and where do we find
 Tony> it?

It's a library of Scheme code and conventions for using it.  A fair
amount, such as the common-list routines is in a functional style and
potentially useful for DSSSL work, I'd guess.
<> or in the `jacal'
sub-directory of GNU mirrors.

 Tony> To illustrate using SGML for literate programming, the
 Tony> stylesheet for Jade's SGML backend at the end of this message
 Tony> extracts just the program listings.  

[Probably people know, but there are other systems doing this, like
sdc and qwertz.]

Literate programming people typically argue that there's more to it
than just being able to extract embedded code from typeset documents,
BTW.  if people are interested, <URL:news:comp.programming.literate>
and its FAQ have the lowdown, I guess.  Features such as chunk
reordering and code cross-referencing are presumably implementable in
DSSSL in principle, but I'm not sure they should be.  There have been
suggestions to provide SGML support with the general LP tool `noweb'
but no-one seems to have done it yet.

Now I must look at Eliot's stuff...

 Tony> I was expecting the literate programming question to come up,
 Tony> but more in terms of how to get the titles and paragraphs into
 Tony> an output stylesheet as comments or how to generate separate
 Tony> output files for each <SECT1>.  I'm still looking for a way to
 Tony> turn record ends inside selected elements into a record end
 Tony> plus ";; ".

Is this something more than just substituting within the elements'

 Tony> In any case, thank you, Dave, for your contribution.

Tony kindly pointed out in mail a couple of obvious errors in
prev-matching-node and next-matching-node as posted (not using the
optional arg), should anyone care.

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