Re: Query support

Subject: Re: Query support
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 12:39:04 -0400
> It's a little clumsy, but you can get most of the effect of 
> query rules by using a big condition statement in your
> default rule:
> (default
>    (cond 
>      ((is-character? (current-node))
>       (empty-sosofo))
>      (else (empty-sosofo))))

I had hoped this hack would allow me to get at the PIs in my document.
However, the following default rule never sees the PIs

  (let ((foo (debug (node-property 'class-name (current-node) default: #f))))

Is there any way to get at them in the default rule?  I've checked and
found that it is possible to find them, if you know where they are :-/


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