Re: [Jade] Output redirection

Subject: Re: [Jade] Output redirection
From: ferry@xxxxxxxxxx (Ferry Firmansjah)
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 10:40:28 -0500
> > Jade
> > will always output the result to standard output (screen).
> That's the defined behaviour for the SGML back-end.

That's interesting.
> > The command to execute jade has to be initiated from another application,
> > which takes in a program name and a string of parameters.
> > 
> > When jade is run from the DOS prompt, the good 'ol redirection (>) works
> > fine, but it does not work in our situation (where it's passed as an
> > argument).
> Wouldn't this work?
> jadeout.cmd:
> jade -options options options > %1

We sort of considered creating a batch/cmd file that will take arguments
(jade -c %1 -t %2 -d %3 -f%4 %5 >%6) and execute jade... but this feels
like a kludge, and we want to use this only as a last alternative.

> You can hard-code the output filename by supplying a system ID to the
> entity flow object.  You could make this half-way dynamic by building a
> "wrapper" DSSSL stylesheet and then including the "real" DSSSL
> stylesheet.

We tried (after receiving this suggestion) to implement the "wrapper" DSSSL
stylesheet that contain the System ID, but we were having trouble getting
it to work.  If we specify the System ID in the actual DSSSL stylesheet,
then it works fine.  However, we end up having to "regenerate" the stylesheet
every time that we need to generate the HTML--not very efficient if
the stylesheet is huge.  So we're still trying to get the "wrapper" 
to work.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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