Re: [Jade] Output redirection

Subject: Re: [Jade] Output redirection
From: Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 16:55:28 -0400
Ferry Firmansjah wrote:
> We sort of considered creating a batch/cmd file that will take arguments
> (jade -c %1 -t %2 -d %3 -f%4 %5 >%6) and execute jade... but this feels
> like a kludge, and we want to use this only as a last alternative.

It is a kludge. But it works.
> We tried (after receiving this suggestion) to implement the "wrapper" DSSSL
> stylesheet that contain the System ID, but we were having trouble getting
> it to work.  If we specify the System ID in the actual DSSSL stylesheet,
> then it works fine.  However, we end up having to "regenerate" the stylesheet
> every time that we need to generate the HTML--not very efficient if
> the stylesheet is huge.  So we're still trying to get the "wrapper"
> to work.

<!doctype style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style
<!entity tei.lit.stylesheet SYSTEM "c:\tei\jade\tei-dsl\tei-lite.dsl"

<style-specification use="tei.lit.stylesheet">
(define *output-entity* "c:\temp\test.sgm")
<external-specification id="tei.lit.stylesheet"

 Paul Prescod

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