Re: Character entity mapping

Subject: Re: Character entity mapping
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 15:18:22 +0700
Tony Graham wrote:
> At 28 Aug 1997 12:59 +0200, Slot, Gerald wrote:
>  > I would like to know how a character entity is translated to a system
>  > specific character with jade. When I use standard isolat1 entities in my
>  > documents they are converted good with jade to rtf. But when I use
>  > entities from isogrk3 for example &alpha; they are not converted
>  > correctly. How can I prevent this?
> You may find that they are being handled correctly, but not in the way
> you expect.
> If you check the font name in Word for the character output for
> &alpha;, it's probably "Something Greek", where "Something" is the
> name of the font you are using.  Jade is using the Greek code page to
> get the character for &alpha;.  If you have Windows 95 Multilanguage
> Support installed and you are using one of the fonts for which
> Multilanguage Support installs the Greek font (Arial, Courier New, or
> Times New Roman) then you will see your &alpha; correctly.
> If you're not using one of those three base fonts, then you're out of
> luck.

It will work with any TrueType font that supports the standard
TrueType/OpenType glyph collection (WGL4).  Good quality TrueType fonts
(eg those from Monotype) usually do.


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