Re: Attribute String...

Subject: Re: Attribute String...
From: Dave Love <>
Date: 06 Oct 1997 18:05:42 +0100
>>>>> "Lassi" == Lassi A Tuura <Lassi.Tuura@xxxxxxx> writes:

 Lassi> Ouch.  Maybe I should spend more time reading the specs and
 Lassi> less time guessing what the interface should be.

Or look at existing implementations.  There are several Scheme in
Scheme runtime systems around.

 Lassi> Here is another candidate that avoids computing the full
 Lassi> `transpose' of the argument lists.  Any idea whether it is
 Lassi> better or worse in terms of memory usage if `map' is used
 Lassi> heavily?

It's several times slower than the following, which is about 20%
faster and less consing than jjc's version for the 3-argument case
measured in the Gambit Scheme interpreter on x86 GNU/Linux using:

  (begin (##gc) (time (mapx + l l)) (##gc) (time (mapx + l)) #t)

Here (length l) is 10000 and ##gc invokes the collector.  [Yes,
apropos a previous comment, this is integrated with my mailer and
SGML/DSSSL editor :-).]

This map seems relatively a little faster in Jade, which, creditably,
runs at a comparable speed to Gambit in this case -- albeit Gambit
isn't the fastest interpreter around.

Note that the straightforward recursive version is faster over short
lists in Gambit (and would be fast anyway under a compiler optimizing
tail recursion-modulo-cons).  For short strings, I guess Norm's code
(modulo list-ref) would be tolerably good.

It would be nice to add `map' as a Jade primitive, but I don't grok
its evaluator.


(define (map f #!rest l)
      ;; Aux functions for the simple case: single list arg to map
      ((map1 (lambda (f l)		; probably good for short arg list
	       (if (null? l)
		   (cons (f (car l))
			 (map1 f (cdr l))))))
       (map2 (lambda (f l)		; tail-recursive for long arg list
		(let loop ((acc '()) (l l))
		  (if (null? l)
		      (loop (cons (f (car l)) acc)
			    (cdr l))))))))
    (cond ((null? l)
	  ((null? (cdr l))
	   (map2 f (car l)))		; tail-recursive variant
	    (let loop ((acc '()) (l l))
	      (if (null? (car l))
		  (loop (cons (apply f (map1 car l))
			;; simple recursive map, assuming l is short
			(map1 cdr l)))))))))

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