Re: DSSSL capabilities - was RE: TOC problem with HTML32 dsssl

Subject: Re: DSSSL capabilities - was RE: TOC problem with HTML32 dsssl
From: Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 06:25:24 -0400
Pawson, David wrote:
> Paul P wrote:
> > DSSSL does not allow you to check the contents of a sosofo at all. This
> > allows higher-performance implementations. Usually you don't need this.
> Can I venture to suggest that this is needed in one case.

I didn't say it is never useful, just rarely useful.

> DSSSL provides (as I can see today) most of what is needed
> to go from text into braille. The missing element is the application
> of contractions, which abbreviates words to reduce the bulk of
> braille text.

No, I think you can do this without being able to look into sosofos. You
can use the (data (current-node)) procedure to get the text of nodes.
You can also set up a rule that checks every character as someone else
mentioned recently. Finally, DSSSL proper has an optional "regex"
feature that would allow you to do these kinds search and replaces. I
don't know when or if Jade will support it because DSSSL is a large
standard and there are many interesting parts to implement (plus there
is XSL).

I would suggest that the simplest thing for you to do is use Python,
Perl or Awk on the output of Jade. There is no reason to contort your
stylesheets horribly rather than using a "filter" post-process.
 Paul Prescod

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