Re: newbie question, nesting level query

Subject: Re: newbie question, nesting level query
From: Stephen Perkins <stephenp@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 13:10:05 -0500
Paul Prescod wrote:

> Didn't you have trouble with this:
> (sd (make sequence
>         font-family-name: serif-font-family
>          font-size: text-font-size))
> I don't even know what "sd" is. I would guess it is some out-of-date
> proposed DSSSL feature (perhaps an old style object thing).

Actually, I wasn't using the stylesheet--I was pouring over extant
stylesheets looking for procs to use/modify for my own purposes, and
answers to my many questions. No sense re-inventing anything. I
appreciate being steered away from trouble--this is consuming much of my
"spare" time. Fortunately, I see others are infected as well... thanks

Stephen Perkins
Pagesetters Incorporated / AlphaBytes MCL
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