Re: Run Jade on XML Files?

Subject: Re: Run Jade on XML Files?
From: "Mitch C. Amiano" <amiamc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 16:54:04 -0500
xml.dcl is the SGML declaration for XML. I'm not sure of the declaration
you might use 
to bring it in; right now I'm processing mine with a command line that
looks like this:

jade -d foo.dsl -t sgml xml.dcl bar.xml 

which just brings in the decl as the first file.

One thing I note: although the XML draft seems to indicate the
underscore (_) as a name 
character, the xml.dcl file with jade (and the one in the draft for that
matter) don't 
appear to support it. 

Kenneth Bandes wrote:
> Note that I am not trying to produce XML, I am trying to use it as input and produce RTF or HTML.
> I notice that Jade comes with files called xml.dcl and xml.soc.  xml.dcl appears to be an SGML declaration for XML.  These are tantalizing but I don't know what to do with them.  Anyone care to help?  Feel free to respond by email to kbandes@xxxxxxxxxx
 if you don't think this is of general interest.
> Thanks very much.
> Ken Bandes
> kbandes@xxxxxxxxxx
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