Re: Jade 1.0.1 String trimming?

Subject: Re: Jade 1.0.1 String trimming?
From: Russell Senior <seniorr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 21 Nov 1997 16:18:29 -0800
>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Russell> in my top-level element sequence and also converted the
Russell> `process-children' to `process-children-trim', but still my
Russell> output (apparent using each of the TeX, RTF and FOT backends)
Russell> contains the padding space.

Paul> process-children-trim works for me:

Ah yes.  It's working for me now too.  I was tripping over the
characteristic specifications somehow.  I am still trying to figure
out which apply where and what inserting them does `down stream'.
Your data point got me back on track.  Thanks!

Russell Senior

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