RE: DSSSL Documentation Project

Subject: RE: DSSSL Documentation Project
From: "Pawson, David" <DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:12:49 -0000

> Paul Prescod wrote:
> > Note that the Linux Documentation Project did not write a book. They
> > essentially wrote many short tutorials and used hyperlinks and a
> central
> > index to glue them together.
> 	Hrm. I have to confess that I'm not particularly keen on this
> idea,
> mainly because so many parts of DSSSL are impossible to understand
> without other parts. As long as we have a capable editor (and I think
> Tony is more than capable), we should be able to fuse separate
> chapters
> into a cohesive document.
> 	But that's just me. What do the rest of you think of Paul's
> idea?
> --->Ben
	[Pawson, David]  Agree with Ben that a longer term goal should
	a comprehensive whole.  Also that many parts are needed to fully
	comprehend the whole. Pauls tutorial I found largely
'stand-alone', so
	eurely we are simply debating how to get to the greater part?

	other concerns centre on the longevity / stability of DSSSL. A '
bit part '
	approach would be easier to get under way   and 
	a different use of glue would permit a rebuild to account for
	  Must go with Paul, on the grounds that your aims can be met
	using Pauls suggestion - links the parts on site (ease of
build), then
	look at integration as a worthwhile activity later on.

	A further implication is the use of html rather than docbook.
	Simpler, easier (for most) and quicker. If this team can't do a
bit of 
	re-formatting later, then who can!  
	the trick as I see it is to get the foundations in place to
permit a wider
	understanding for the newcomer, permitting him/her to use later
	What do we _need_ to understand (other than the jargon) prior to
	on to 'bulking up' on knowledge.
	Perhaps basic terminology put in some simple context,
	A rudimentary grasp of Scheme syntax
	The baseline ideas of sosofo's (thanx James, accurate but .....
	The concept of a document as tree, then off into building.


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