Re: Help with RTF Post-production Using PDF Distiller

Subject: Re: Help with RTF Post-production Using PDF Distiller
From: "Jack Fitzpatrick" <jfitzpatrick@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 17:42:24 +0000
You might try PDFWriter, which is bundled with Distiller.  I had no problem
producing a page with your dimensions.

Jack Fitzpatrick
ADP Claims Solutions Group

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Subject: Help with RTF Post-production Using PDF Distiller

> I'm using JADE with the RTF back-end and Microsoft Word'97 to produce PDF
> using Adobe's Distiller.
> In order to fit a formatted page into half of an 8.5x11 inch page (for
> double up printing and binding) I've set a page length in my DSSSL script
> of 8.5x13.13 inches in order to get a ratio of 5.5:8.5 (64.7%).
> So far, so good ... Word'97 reads in the page size and the "Page Setup"
> information correctly shows 8.5x13.13 inches.
> In PDF Distiller, under Settings/JobOptions/Advanced/DefaultPageSize I've
> set up 8.5x13.13 inches.
> In the Word Print Properties for Distiller I set up and select a custom
> page size of 8.5x13.13 inches before printing.
> When I distill the RTF file, Exchange is bringing up the document in an
> 8.5x14 inch form factor.  With this page size, I cannot correctly shrink
> the page proportionately to fit half of an 8.5x11 inch page.
> Of course, none of this is a problem with A4!
> Can anyone suggest approaches around my problem of finding my information
> on a page size that isn't what I want/need?
> Thanks!
> ............ Ken
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