Re: Help with RTF Post-production Using PDF Distiller

Subject: Re: Help with RTF Post-production Using PDF Distiller
From: Guillaume Rouchy <rouchyg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 1999 14:14:23 +0100

Excuse me to come into the discussion without bringing you any answer (I don't
know anything about PDFwriter an distiller) but another question. You say that
you use "DSSSL to produce PDF"... what engine do you have ? I would be very
interested to find DSSSL engine that can generate PDF from XML doc.

Thanks for your input


"G. Ken Holman" wrote:

> At 99/09/02 17:35 +0000, Jack Fitzpatrick wrote:
> >Ken:
> >I don't use typically Distiller, but I tried this using PDFWriter, which is
> >bundled with Distiller.  After loading my Jade-generated 8.5x13.13in RTF
> >file into Word, I selected PDFWriter as the output device, set up a custom
> >page size of 8.5x13.13in for the device, produced the PDF file and ended up
> >with a 8.5x13.14 page loaded into Exchange.  You might try using that
> >instead.
> Thank you, Jack!  Yes, I now see I can get it right with PDFWriter with
> your suggested process.
> But that begs the question about why there are two ways from Adobe ...
> I see there are fewer "job options" in PDFWriter than Distiller, and I
> can't get the watermark I need in *one* of my many cases (so perhaps I can
> live without it).  I had understood that somehow Distiller was "better"
> than PDFWriter.
> Can anyone point me to a comparison of PDFWriter vs. Distiller?  Why would
> I use one instead of the other?
> I use DSSSL to produce the PDF of my commercial XSLT training material ...
> so I need a PDF file that is compact for distribution yet wholly
> self-contained so everyone can read/print it on any platform with the free
> Adobe reader.
> Thanks!
> ............. Ken
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