Re: pretty printer and PCDATA

Subject: Re: pretty printer and PCDATA
From: Guillaume Rouchy <rouchyg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1999 11:40:21 +0100
Pieter Rijken wrote:

> <!ELEMENT nmlist - - (#PCDATA)>      (NOT (#PCDATA)* !!)

Sorry to disturb the discussion by a question that may not be relevant to
the subject of the list but I really have problem to understand what
#PCDATA represents.
The definition I have is "Parsed Character Data", that is to say a mixed
of text, character entities and elements.
So what is the difference between (#PCDATA) and (#PCDATA)* ?
What is the point in putting:
<!element p (#PCDATA | for | sci | fn)*> since #PCDATA represent already
any parsed character data ?
Why not putting instead:
<!element p (CDATA | for | sci | fn)*> ? What's the difference ?
Is there any diference between
<!element p (#PCDATA | for | sci | fn)*> and <!element p ((#PCDATA) | for
| sci | fn)*> ?

I realize that I am really misunderstanding the notion of PCDATA. Please
excuse my ignorance and help me.

Thanks for your help


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