Re: QuarkXpress backend for jade

Subject: Re: QuarkXpress backend for jade
From: "Franck DELAHAYE" <franck.delahaye@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 17:44:54 +0100

Christof Drescher a écrit :
> Franck DELAHAYE <franck.delahaye@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I'm looking for a solution to generate a QuarkXpress document from an
> >SGML document.
> >So, did anybody work on a QuarXpress backend for jade ?
> >Or, are there any solution from an existing jade backend ?
> Not that I know of; the most encouraging solution today is to use Jade to
> produce TeX and then PDF; I myself am working on a direct PDF backend. This
> ensures the quality for professional post-production on printing machines. A

The problem is that the formatted document should be editable,
and, AFAIK, there are no tools to edit PDF with standard edition level
facilities ( edition of tables, text, insertion of graphics...).

Do you know such a tool?

> conversion to native QXD is, in my opinion, very difficult (since to my
> knowledge Quark has not opened its file structure to the public) and not

I don't know well Quark and QuarkXpress, but it seems that there is a
kind of "interchange format" called something like Xpress Tag (extension
of the files is .xtg) developped by a third-party company.

> very desirebale, as changes in the later QXD would not reflect in the
> SGML/DSSSL documents.

In fact, there is no need to store the formatted document changes in the

> Why did you ask? For quality reasons or really for using the QXD lateron?

The choice of QXP has been made because it seems to be the only tool
that both enable editing facilities and ensures professional quality for
Especially, it supports PANTONE (TM) colors and nuances, and the
insertion of graphics made by other tools with a resolution higher than
2400 dps to enable good quality prints.
It seems that there are no other tools that supports both.
Do you think there are ?

> Christof

Thank you for this help.


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