I need HELP!!

Subject: I need HELP!!
From: Reyes <reyes.garcia@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 11:25:37 -0400 (EST)
Hello, I need help!!

I have a node-list from a (sgml-parse address) call. In this new SGML I
must replace all the attributes "ANKER=X" by "ANKER=path#X".

I have this string "path" only in the procedure that I call (sgml-parse),
path is similar to address. Then, I can't make (element TAG (make element
gi: "NEWTAG" attributes: (list (list "ANKER" path)))) because path, with
the good value, is a variable from another procedure.

I have thought to read the new SGML complet and rewrite it but with the new
value of the attribute. But I don't Know how.

I have thought to change all the "ANKER" attribute in the node list, but I
don't know how.

I have tried define a new (process-new-node-list) but then default funtion
doesn't go.

I have tried take the header from the new SGML with (address (node-property
'system-data (select-by-class (node-property 'prolog (node-property
'grove-root (parent (parent (current-node))))) 'pi))). But it gives me errors.

I have tried all that I have thought, but nothing works like I want.

Please, can somebody say to me something?


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