Re: UNC file://

Subject: Re: UNC file://
From: Brandon Ibach <bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 16:00:15 -0500
Quoting Maltby, David G <david.g.maltby@xxxxxxxx>:
> How do I get OpenJade to resolve a UNC in the document type declaration?  
   Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, SP (which is the part
of OpenJade that would have to resolve the system identifier) does not
currently support UNCs.  So, you just need a way to have SP ignore the
system identifier and resolve the public identifier.  The easiest way
to do this, I think, would be to use the OVERRIDE keyword in your
catalog file.
   The "override mode" in a catalog determines whether a PUBLIC entry
(among other types) will override an entity which has an explicit
system identifier.  The override mode starts out as NO at the
beginning of a catalog.  So, just precede all of the entries which you
want to have override explicit system identifiers with an "OVERRIDE
YES" and either put them at the end of the catalog or, better, follow
them with an "OVERRIDE NO" (just in case the catalog gets something
appended to it).
   This is all covered in more detail in doc/catalog.htm in the
[Open]SP distribution.  Some of the less recent [Open]Jade
distributions have this file, too.  Check it out; catalogs have some
rather powerful features for entity management.

-Brandon :)

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