Re: "rule" object in Jade/RTF

Subject: Re: "rule" object in Jade/RTF
From: Toby Speight <streapadair@xxxxxxx>
Date: 04 May 2000 10:33:57 +0100
Brandon> Brandon Ibach <URL:mailto:bibach@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

0> In article <20000503140249.A1445@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Brandon
0> wrote:

Brandon> From a practical standpoint, however, I'd call this a bug in
Brandon> the standard.  It is so common for rules to be horizontal
Brandon> that it makes sense for this to be the default, I think.

That's arguable: I'd say that rules tend to be more common parallel to
the progression direction.  So while I agree with you for left-to-right
or right-to-left text, I think you'll find horizontal rules to be in
the minority for vertical text.

This could be defaulted in the standard, but it's not *that* onerous
to always specify, is it?  (I think it makes DSSSL code clearer, given
that we tend to perceive vertical and horizontal lines as different


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