RE: per-page images in print documents

Subject: RE: per-page images in print documents
From: "Konovalov, Vadim" <vkonovalov@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 13:21:57 +0400
> From: Murray Stokely [mailto:murray@xxxxxxxxx]
>   I've thought about this since I'm quite effecient with Perl.
> However I know nothing of the RTF format or the TeX language.
> PostScript is such an elegant language, it seems like someone would
> have written a backend that creates native PostScript without having
> to go through TeX.

Uh-oh. It's the first time I see that someone thinks about PostScript as of
elegant language...
Did you wrote much programs using it?
In my opinion PostScript is most error-inclined language nowadays. One must
always remember to fit into it's bastardous restrictions, such as 65K
strings, splitting on word boundaries, and much much more, which makes
programs harder to code and increases probability of adding otherwise
unnecessary mistakes...

OTOH there exists DSSSLPrint, which is referred from, have quite high cost and is probably what
you're talking about.

PDF is very close to PostScript, so discussing about PDF backend in this
mailing list is very intresting from this point of view as well.

Good luck,

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