RE: RE: per-page images in print documents

Subject: RE: RE: per-page images in print documents
From: "Konovalov, Vadim" <vkonovalov@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 18:13:45 +0400
> From: drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:drescher@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Slightly off topic, but anyways:
> Does anyone have the necessary PostScript macros to have PDF 
> code print 
> out as PostScript easily? Since any program that processes PDF images 
> in their layout seems to do this by encapsulating PDF commands in 
> PostScript, there should be a fairly easy way to do so.

I also think so, it seems like AcrobatReader does not recalculates anything
during printing PDF file (to same language level), because it does spooling
too fast.

> Anyone hints about it?

I have no ready-to-use files, only hints...

In Adobe's PDF reference manual, item 2.4 "PDF and PostScript language"
(pp25-26) there is instruction what to do to print PDF.
Here "procsets" file is mentioned, which should define such PDF-like
operators as T*, Tj, and so on, but there is no exact implementation of
I've got such definitions using two different ways - printing from
AcrobatReader to file and extracting from there. Another way is to
understand clearly file from GhostView distribution (I use 6.01).

Also there may be a problem with PostScript LanguageLevel. I think PDF-1.2
is related to PostScript level2, and PDF-1.3 - level3 postscript. But I'm
not sure.

I think both ways can lead to final result...

Good luck,

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