Re: DocBook -> Jade -> RTF: lists as RTF lists?

Subject: Re: DocBook -> Jade -> RTF: lists as RTF lists?
From: David Miller <dmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 15:26:30 -0500
"Maltby, David G" wrote:
> > In short, my most basic requirement is to let users edit
> > their documents
> > using their standard authoring tool (Word), but still maintain the
> > documents in a format-neutral way (DocBook).
> Although personally appalled at this concept, you may be able to buy a
> solution at
> http:\\ with their S4/TEXT product.
> Speaking from the "been-there-done-that-dept.", you are setting yourself up
> for a life of pain.

Definitely a true statement!  It's too late for me, though.  But for
anybody thinking of getting involved in a similar project, run away!

Thanks for the pointer on S4/TEXT, looks interesting.


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