RE: Beginner Question: Insert contents of element in running head

Subject: RE: Beginner Question: Insert contents of element in running head
From: "Mason, James David (MXM) " <mxm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 09:37:34 -0400
> Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> reminder: DSSSL has never been fully implemented, and is only useable
> at all with one unsupported program. 
Actually, there's a commercial program. The following is from a report in
the ISUG (International SGML/XML Users' Group,
newsletter for June:

	The Japanese company Next Solutions has been beavering away for the
last four years to create a DSSSLprint processor that can handle most of the
features of the ISO/IEC 10179 Document Style Semantics and Specification
Language. At XML Europe 2000 they demonstrated their latest offering,
DSSSLprint2.0, a batch composition tool which can create complex layout
multi-column pages that can be used to drive Postscript printers or PDF
browsers. DSSSLprint2.0 can be used to set complex mathematical text as well
as multi-lingual, multi-directional text. 

	DSSSLprint2.0 can handle complex page sequences, with differing left
and right pages, different starts and ends to sections, overlapping page
regions, columns of different widths, and text flowing across page
boundaries between specific types of columns. The position of floating
objects such as footnotes and images can be handled within columns or across

	DSSSLprint is being used to process Japanese patents, and by
Japanese and European legal, scientific and technical publishers.

	A version of the software that can run on user-oriented platforms,
such as Windows NT, Macintosh and Linux, is called NEXTPublisher2.0.

	Next Solutions have also created an SGML/XML Viewer called
NEXTView1.0. When displaying SGML pages obtained from the Internet, this
Netscape Navigator/Internet Explorer plug-in can use DSSSL style sheets to
control the way in which the file is displayed on the screen. Users can also
display a tree that shows the document structure.

	For more details on these products visit

Jim Mason, President ISUG, Chairman ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34

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