RE: (dsssl) Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Dynamic DSSSL

Subject: RE: (dsssl) Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Dynamic DSSSL
From: "Nilsson, Peter" <pni@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 15:05:57 +0100
> (define docelem (lambda (#!optional (n (current-node)))
>   (node-property 'document-element (node-property 'grove-root n))))
> (define %show-comments%
>   (string=? "draft" (attribute-string "status" (docelem))))
>    Let me know if this doesn't work (not sure about the behavior of
> current-node at the top level).

Wouldn't wokr, isnce there is no current node at the top level (i.e. outside
a construction rule). %show-comments% has to be a function which gets called
in a context with a current node. Just put parentheses around the name in
the (define...) above and call it lik a function instead of using it as a
variable (oh, terminology is broken, but you see what I mean.)

//Peter N

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