(dsssl) Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Dynamic DSSSL

Subject: (dsssl) Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Dynamic DSSSL
From: Adam Di Carlo <adam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 18 Feb 2001 21:56:23 -0500
Devin Weaver <ktohg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm not that great at DSSSL. I'm still learning.
> I was wondering how could I query the value of the status attribute in
> the top tag. Either <book>, <article>, <set>, or <part>
> What I want to do is if I have <book status="draft"> have
> (define %show-comments% #t)
> but if it's <book status="final"> have
> (define %show-comments% #f)
> Is this possible?

It's definately possible.   However, I don't have the time to track
this down.  I'll refer you to the <dssslist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
where the DSSSL hackers hang out.

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