Re: (dsssl) Unicode input transforms into 0 kB Files - ASCI works fine

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Unicode input transforms into 0 kB Files - ASCI works fine
From: Tony Graham <Tony.Graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 17:41:56 +0100
Lutz Pliske wrote at  5 Sep 2001 17:32:05 +0200:
 > bare with me, this probably is absolut beginners stuff:

Not yet.

 > I am using Jade for SGML to HTML transformations.
 > The SGML-Files are in Unicode. When I transform the files they end up as
 > 0 kB Files.

You don't mention what encoding (i.e., which UTF-*) you are using.

 > When I open the SGML-Filesand save them as asci, the HTML-output is
 > perfect.
 > I was searching for some kind of paramter using jade, an Error of the
 > SGML-declaration or something but when I read the following I thought
 > that there might be another problem I don´t know about.
 > "Jade ignores the SP_CHARSET_FIXED and SP_SYSTEM_CHARSET environment
 > variables and always uses Unicode as its internal character set, as if
 > SP_CHARSET_FIXED was 1 and SP_SYSTEM_CHARSET was unset. Thus only the
 > SP_ENCODING environment variable is relevant to Jade's handling of
 > character sets."

That's what you want.  For UTF-8 input, set the SP_ENCODING
environment variable to "utf-8" before running Jade; i.e., for DOS:

   set SP_ENCODING=utf-8

See pages 246-250 of "Unicode: A Primer".


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