(dsssl) Re: XML not appropriate for TEI: (was Hypothetical question onnamespaces)

Subject: (dsssl) Re: XML not appropriate for TEI: (was Hypothetical question onnamespaces)
From: Karl Eichwalder <keichwa@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2001 06:32:10 +0200
Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> There are almost no tools that work with SGML. There are no tools that
> I know of that implement the full generality of SGML.

"Full generality" isn't required.  But a little bit more as XML is
wanted by users (both of them: developers and "just users").

> And no new (significant) SGML tool will ever be written.

Emacs (psgml.el) and the SGML Parser Collection (sp, namely nsgmls) do
offer decent support for more than XML.  Since years.  Happily, there's
no need to say here is SGML and there is XML: Emacs (psgml.el) and sp
(sgmlnorm and sx) come with tools to "normalize" SGML documents.

> SGML is dead.

This is what I'm told since years; the opposite is true---I'm told, even
DocBook?5 will offer more than limited SGML support (AKA XML).

> I might wish it to be otherwise, but it ain't.

If it hurts what you're doing don't do it.  Reading comp.lang.lisp one
can say SGML is dead (but XML, too!); go for proper Lisp data structures
and text processing and web publishing will fly.  I recommend to google
for author=naggum and keyword=sgml.

By the way, the project mentioned below is based on SGML and it's still
alive :)

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