(dsssl) Links to URLs

Subject: (dsssl) Links to URLs
From: Jany Quintard <jany.quintard@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 14:21:18 +0100
Hi all.
I forward here a mail from Brian Leary who is trying to create 
external links in print files (RTF).
I process only internal ones. Does the RTF backend allow the creation of
external links (like http://....)?

Hi Jany,
   >I have been having difficulty posting messages to the list ...
   >Anyway I am not using Docbook modular stylesheets, I am using ones we
   >What we are doing is using XSL with XML to create another XML document which
   >is then run through the Jade engine to create RTF files.  We can very easily
   >link internally within documents but doing an external hyperlink has been
   >giving us fits.
   >Here are the pieces of my DSSSL document that may help you understand what I
   >am doing.
   >An internal link uses the link element with the find attribute and an
   >external link uses the ulink element with a citetitle attribute. Our DSSL
   >document has info for both types of links.
   ><!DOCTYPE output [
   ><!ELEMENT output - - (ulink+, link+) >
   ><!ELEMENT link - - (#PCDATA) >
   ><!ATTLIST link find IDREF #REQUIRED >
   ><!ELEMENT ulink - - (#PCDATA) >
   ><!ATTLIST ulink citetitle IDREF #REQUIRED >
   >(element ulink
   >   (make link
   >       color: color-blue
   >      font-weight: 'bold
   >       destination: (with-mode #f(idref-address (attribute-string
   >"citetitle" (current-node))))
   >       (process-children))) 
   >(element link
   >   (make link
   >       color: color-blue
   >      font-weight: 'bold
   >       destination: (with-mode #f(idref-address (attribute-string "FIND"
   >       (process-children)))
   >Now in the RTF output when you mouseover an internal link you get tool tip
   >text that says ID_70528 (or link destination) but for the External link you
   >get ID_http_58_47_47__www_46_espn_46_com.
   >If I can get the external link tool tip text to read http://www.espn.com I
   >will be all set and the hyperlink document will work.
   >Do you have any suggestions for me based on this ? I will also try sending
   >this to the keeper of the list and see if he can post it for me. I am
   >new to DSSSL so please bear with me.
   >Thanks again

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