Re: EcmaScript, gone?

Subject: Re: EcmaScript, gone?
From: Peter Murray-Rust <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 09:07:16
At 23:51 27/08/98 -0500, Paul Prescod wrote:
>makes me think that we may be able to get away without it. As you probably
>know, there is a stylesheet-related concept called a "behaviour sheet."
>What if we allow "behaviour sheets" to modify the XML tree before it is
>displayed. Then the Javascript code would be nicely segmented and executed
>completely separately. XSL would remain completely declarative (like
>pre-Javascript HTML), but the fundamental flexiblity would be available
>(like post-DOM web pages). So let's say you want a part of the document to
>display the current time. You would convert into a my:time element, and
>then write a little behaviour that renders my:time elements as the current
>time. This is an extra step, but it will have benefits that will become
>evident over time: more robust editors, more reliable transformations,
>stylesheets that work even when your Javascript has a bug, etc.
I strongly support this idea. I think it will encourage the community to
develop produce well-defined and agreed behaviours that can be re-used
rather than large numbers of ad hoc scripts that will have arbitrary
behaviours. It also reduces the reliance on a single language. 


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