Re: EcmaScript, gone?

Subject: Re: EcmaScript, gone?
From: "James Tauber" <jtauber@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 23:16:21 +0800
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From: Francois Belanger <francois@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Paul Prescod wrote on 28/08/98 00:51:
>>As you probably
>>know, there is a stylesheet-related concept called a "behaviour sheet."
>I don't know about "behaviour sheet", but the idea seems quite
>interesting and does neatly separate declaration and code. True many HTML
>pages with JavaScript are a mess to read.

There is a distinction to be drawn between scripts that describe the
behaviour of certain elements at the client end (how a header responds to a
mouseover event) with procedural parts of an XSL stylesheet (section

The ECMAScript part of XSL-NOTE was for the latter. The term "behaviour
sheets" I've always taken to mean the former.

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