RE: Venting

Subject: RE: Venting
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 10:49:42 -0500
HI Guy,

People, wake-up, the forum is being hijacked.

Guy,  I see that you got a bad Monday :-) People don't want to Hijack this
list, they just want a better future for XSL in general and resolve some
issues like:

- competition between CSS and XSL (the formatting part)
- Possibilities for the XSL (transformation) that goes beyond simple style
sheet and that have huge economic implications.
- Technical possibilities for XSL for XML based "Domain language"

Because XSL (transformation part) can include diverse domain laguages and
that includes HTML+CSS or other domain language, you have, provisions for
formatting. So, we should focus more on a better spec for transformation.
And this means that transformation could be from a domain language to an
other one (Ex: BML to XUL or vise versa) as long a they are in the same
domain. That includes also formatting languages like HTML+CSS or voyager
(modify HTML which is SGML based into a XML based language). Its domain is
rendering. So , again, you can imagine using XSL for domain language to
domain language transformation from BML to voyager (the form part of it) and
get a sub domain transformation.

Of course, it seems that this list contains people with a certain capacity
to think and give feedback on the essence and not only provide bug reports.
This is not Hijacking Guy, this is the usual internet way of democratic
expression. Science evolved that way. If you lurk IETF workgroup you'll see
that people express their opinion and the dialog is open between industry
peers giving feedback and opinion and the specs editors participating on a
peer to peer level. The whole process has brought to you the internet. So it
is maybe good no? I don't ask W3C to become the same, it is a private
enterprise where membership is based on a fee. But this list is based on
democratic access and up to now showed a certain quality by its diversity
and its member participation (and that includes you Guy).

Take a bird view for a moment Guy. This is not Hijacking, this is active
participation and expression of a certain quality. Quality of thought is not
solely reserved to paid membership to W3C. And the people express that XSL
should be seen in a broader perspective. So, I'll forget about the term
Hijacking and just keep that you don't want the formatting part removed from
the spec. Its OK Guy, that's you opinion and we have all to respect it.
However, it would be useful to ear from you the reasons why you think that
the status quo should be preserved. We'll learn in the process.

Have a good day.
Didier PH Martin

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