Re: How to use ENTITY declarations and references?

Subject: Re: How to use ENTITY declarations and references?
From: "Alistair MacDonald" <AlistairMacDonald@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 10:32:54 +0100
>>> Mike Brown <mbrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 05/05 12:18 am >>>
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> So my questions are...
> 1. If you declare an entity, shouldn't the XSL document have access to those
> entities? XT seems to think so, but LotusXSL differs.

Actually, the XSL document doesn't have access to the entities. It has access to the *replacement string* from the entity. I would assume that LotusXSL is at fault here, because I can see no reason why it wouldn't have replaced the entity *before* transforming.

> 2. Why the &cent; in the output from XT?
> 4. Where is the <!DOCTYPE> coming from in the output?

>From XT. The HTML4 handler in XT automatically adds the the correct DOCTYPE to the output. It also transforms Unicode characters into the (correct) *HTML4* entities. Note that, for example, Netscape does *NOT* support many of these! (eg &ldquo ....) I ended up copying the java class and creating a new one which replaces with the character entity variants instead.

> 3. Are the parsers simply looking for specific URIs when they determine
> whether the namespace declarations are valid? Is this really necessary?

Yes &  Yes. Would you *really* want the system to have to make a connection to the internet to locate a (non-existant) file and then parse that to determine how to do the output. (Oh - and what would be the content of the file be anyway ?)


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