RE: How to use ENTITY declarations and references?

Subject: RE: How to use ENTITY declarations and references?
From: Mike Brown <mbrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 10:26:31 -0600
> > 2. Why the &cent; in the output from XT?
> You specified that your result tree should use the HTML4 namespace.
> XSL processors can (and xt does) use the result tree namespace to
> control the way in which the result tree is linearised.

OK, so if I understand correctly, the substitution of the Unicode cent
character for the &cent; in the XSL document *did* occur, and it was my
choice of using HTML for the result tree output that caused it to be
translated by XT back into the &cent; reference. This is easily tested by
choosing another token to represent the cent character, like &zent; ... and
yes, I see that the output still gets &cent;. Good. Thank you!

> > 3. Are the parsers simply looking for specific URIs when they determine
> > whether the namespace declarations are valid? Is this really necessary?
> Not sure what you mean. If the namespace declaration is syntactically
> correct then it is valid. The processor does not try to look up that
> URL. The processors may `know' certain namespaces and take special
> action, here xt recognises the html4 namespace.

I was just wondering why XT was expecting
xmlns:xsl="";, while LotusXSL was
expecting xmlns:xsl="";. The answer, if I
understand correctly, is just that those URIs have been hard-coded into the
processors. As to whether or not they are necessary, what I mean is, does
the processor (XT or LotusXSL) actually do anything with that information
besides check to see that it is a recognized URI? Does the fact that it sees
a particular URI affect how it processes the XSL?

> Why do you say (now invalid)? That is the correct namespace for the
> current draft of XSL. The one you changed from is the namespace for the
> `now invalid' earlier drafts.

XT expects "";, but there is no document
at that URI (I get a 404 Not Found). That's why I say it is now invalid.
Strangely, twice when I tried to access ""; I was
greeted with a long delay and then a 403 Forbidden. But a few minutes later,
it works fine, bringing up the XSL Spec working draft of 21 Apr 1999.

The correct location of the XSL Transformations spec is ... Not that it matters, since we're limited to
what the XSL processors recognize, but which URL is more correct for the
purpose of describing the xsl namespace? the XSLT spec, or the XSL spec?


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