Re: Please help with XSL proselytizing

Subject: Re: Please help with XSL proselytizing
From: Guy_Murphy@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 16:39:20 +0100
Hi Ken.

A worthwhile endevour, but I got tired out with the last debate on this
issue that took place here.

I fully appreciate those who say "I don't like XSL, I don't want to use
it", to whom I'd gladly suggest they look at XML+CSS (as I often use
XML+CSS), but I'm growing to resent those who don't feel XSL addresses
their domain of concern arguing that XSL if a bad thing and shouldn't be
used. ::shrug:: I don't like Java personaly, I wouldn't suggest for a
minute that it's bad, or people shouldn't use it (one might argue that
throwing Java about the Web is far worse than throwing FOs about).

I find the "Declaration of War" in poor taste.

It's horses for courses. I happen to hate the W3C DOM, thinking it an ugly
abomination, and therefore far prefer XSL for preparing format. I wouldn't
extrapolate this personal opinion to suggest that someone prefereing to
format with the DOM was wrong. They simply have a different prefered
working practice. (I hate to think how I would have achieved my current
Shakespeare thing with the DOM in a timely fashion).

::shrug:: some people find langauge wars fun. I personaly find them
devisive, and prone to entrench people deeper into "camps".



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Subject:  Please help with XSL proselytizing

Hello all!
The XSL community of users needs your help in an interactive forum on where a public discussion has been invited regarding comparing
XSL and CSS.
My personal situation is I am unavoidably unavailable until Tuesday evening
due to family matters, which means I personally can only participate in the
latter stages of the debates.
I truly believe we can illustrate the benefits and help others understand
where XSL can play a useful and meaningful role in information management.
Thanks for any help you can be.
............ Ken
p.s. I apologize if the above sounds as if I am speaking *for* the XSL
community, which I dare not do because it would be inappropriate, but I
didn't know any other way to word that we are doing this for our collective
good and that I'm not asking for a personal favour.
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