Re: Please help with XSL proselytizing

Subject: Re: Please help with XSL proselytizing
From: "Guy Murphy" <guy-murphy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 07:42:24 +0100
Hi David.

I'll use DSSSL or write my own XSL parser, and use them on the server.
Personaly I point blank refuse to go back to the days of over bloated script
applications. I also refuse to to be press ganged by browser vendors
marketing in public forums. If an MS rep declared war on DOM in a public
forum I'd be enclined to tell them to **** off. I see no reason to treat
DocZilla any differently :)

Mozilla doesn't want XSL but is happy enough with XUL. Somebody mention lack
of focus?



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> But there is a difference here. XSL will presumably be going to a vote
> of W3C to become a recommendation. What happens if these `xxx is harmful'
> threads result in a no vote?
> David
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