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Subject: [xsl] Re: [xsl] Re[2]: [xsl] Re: [xsl] RE: [xsl] Re: [xsl]   is being displayed as Á
From: Kevin Burges <xmldude@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 08:45:36 +0000
DC> d-o-e doesn't work in (say) mozilla, you get no warning: you just get
DC> what you asked for, the characters &nbsp;
JR> So you prefer to make your XSLT non-portable so that it will work in
JR> mis-configured IEs? Although this will make it unusable in the "other"
JR> browser?

The difference is that I am not doing the transformation in the
browser. I am using MSXML through a VB program to produce the HTML on
my computer only.
The HTML is then given (mailed or on disc) to someone else to view in
IE. The only thing that needs d-o-e is MSXML. I understand that this
is just my specific circumstances, and in others it may not be a good

Although I still assert that in my circumstances the d-o-e solution
works, I have now changed it to use simply &#160 and give a
Content-Type meta tag. When using iso-8859-1 this works, but if I try
UTF-8 IE seems to still have some recognition problems. Not a problem
though, iso-8859-1 is fine for me.

Thanks everybody for the comments, especially Jeni's monster
explanation. Hopefully this can draw to an end soon?

groovy baby,
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