[xsl] xsl:sort / xalan-c++ sorting international?

Subject: [xsl] xsl:sort / xalan-c++ sorting international?
From: Frank-Ralph Reiser <xml-xsl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 12:28:33 +0100

For one thing, I don't really know which XSLT processor is really efficient...
In our company, we use xalan-c++.

The binary version of xalan-c++ available for download on http://xml.apache.org doesn't support language-specific xsl:sort, or so it seems.
(e.g. german umlauts "ä", "ö", "ü" and so on always come out as the last items...)
The java version of xalan is beyond all question because of its low speed...

I tried to compile xalan-c++ with ICU enabled with linux i386.
Compiling ICU was not so much a problem, but compiling xalan with ICU was.

So, my question is:
Are there any binary versions of xalan-c++ (or any other commerially usable and fast XSLT-processor), which support sorting of language-specific special characters?
Destination os would include linux-i386, win32 (windows 2000, NT4 and XP) and solaris 2.6 and up.

Thanks for every hint in advance...

Frank-Ralph Reiser

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