RE: [xsl] Using XML/XSLT for forms in .Net

Subject: RE: [xsl] Using XML/XSLT for forms in .Net
From: Pieter Reint Siegers Kort <pieter.siegers@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 09:07:23 -0600
Hi Julian,

Does your information include this article (it's a bit outdated but points
out the benefits)?
"Creating Dynamic ASP.NET Server Controls using XML" - by Wrox Team

Basically the author(s) shows us how to use XML and XSLT to generate ASP.NET

If you have other information I'd like to know.


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Subject: Re: [xsl] Using XML/XSLT for forms in .Net

Hi Pieter,

> Doing XML/XSLT in ASP.NET is straightforward and fast (using 
> XslTransform or the XML Web Server Control) but when it comes to 
> bringing in forms handling (on the server) it gets difficult.

I have found some info on using the .Net controls whilst also doing the
transformation, but unfortunately it won't fit in with my HttpModule.

It is a shame, because it provides a far better way of templating a site
than any of the currently recommended routes as used for things like the
IBuySpy portal etc.

I am sure there must be a way of doing it, time to do some more digging.

Julian Voelcker
United Kingdom

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