Re: Re: Re: [xsl] Pagebreaks in Excel-HTML transformer

Subject: Re: Re: Re: [xsl] Pagebreaks in Excel-HTML transformer
From: Oleg Konovalov <olegkon@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 17:29:52 -0500
> > I use Excel 2003. Do you think that is a reason we get different results
Which parser did you use ?  (we use Xerces 2.0)

>How about this, could you produce HTML for the browser, and insert a
link pointing to a >normal, binary Excel file for your users to
download? This would sidestep all the >strangeness you are dealing
That would make this particular page behave different from all others
and might be a major usability issue.
And if most of our users use Excel 2003 (and it didn't work for me
anyway in 2003)
most likely will not solve the problem.
Also, as far as I understand, HTMLserializer modified that file as
well (and I have to use it
in Cocoon pipeline), so unless I just totally bypass Cocoon and
somehow "produce HTML
for the browser", it won't work.  Maybe I misunderstanding you, please

Can you please advise me how to modify that Excel-HTML transformer
to put every page (with <page-break> as a signal to start new one)
on new Excel worksheet ?


On 2/7/06, cknell@xxxxxxxxxx <cknell@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I use Excel 2003. Do you think that is a reason we get different results
> Another poster replied that Microsoft products often handle things in widely
different ways between versions. I remember one night I was upgrading the
office file servers from NetWare 3.x to NetWare 4.x. I had checked that all
the workstations were running Windows95. When I got to upgrading the client
software, I discovered that the workstations had at least three different
versions of Windows95 and each version required a different NetWare client.
So, yes, that could be the reason we get different results.
> > I will ask why in Cocoon group - unfortunately people there are very much
> > non-responsive!
> Some mailing lists are better (more active, more helpful) than others. I'm
sorry to hear that about the Cocoon list. I've admired the concept of the
product for some years.
> --
> Charles Knell
> cknell@xxxxxxxxxx - email

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