RE: Re: Re: Re: [xsl] Pagebreaks in Excel-HTML transformer

Subject: RE: Re: Re: Re: [xsl] Pagebreaks in Excel-HTML transformer
From: cknell@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2006 10:18:01 -0500
> Which parser did you use ?  (we use Xerces 2.0)


> That would make this particular page behave different from all others
> and might be a major usability issue.

Good point.

> And if most of our users use Excel 2003 (and it didn't work for me
> anyway in 2003) most likely will not solve the problem.

Also a good point, but moot if you use the approach I describe in the 
next answer.

> Also, as far as I understand, HTMLserializer modified that file as
> well (and I have to use it in Cocoon pipeline), so unless I just totally 
> bypass Cocoon and somehow "produce HTML for the browser", 
> it won't work.  Maybe I misunderstanding you, please elaborate.

The HTML produced by the transformation appears to be as you want it.
When I look at the output in the browser, it looks fine to me. As I 
understand the issue, your problem is manifest when you print from
the browser.

I was suggesting that you use some other means (other than XSLT) to 
produce a binary native Excel file that you output to disk and insert a link
into the HTML output that would download the binary file when clicked. 

> Can you please advise me how to modify that Excel-HTML transformer
> to put every page (with <page-break> as a signal to start new one)
> on new Excel worksheet ?

If by the term "Excel-HTML transformer" you mean the XSLT Stylesheet,
the answer is "I can't because I don't know how to do it." If you can 
tell me what element will cause Excel to create a new worksheet, I 
can show you how to insert it into your output.

Charles Knell
cknell@xxxxxxxxxx - email

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