[xsl] ePub XSLT out there?

Subject: [xsl] ePub XSLT out there?
From: Jacobus Reyneke <jacobusreyneke@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 10:00:29 +0200
Good day,

I just wandered if anyone has already gone though the trouble of creating a
basic XSL template to generate the minimum ePub files and structure. If not, I
will try and put something together on my own. I'm far from an expert in XSLT
and creating directory structures, indexes etc. is something I have not yet
done with XSLT, but I'm sure with Saxon and a bit of fiddling around it should
be do-able.

Any insights from anyone who has ventured down this path before will be
helpful. I found something similar in TEI toolsets, but it's complex and a bit
overwhelming. I think a template that creates just the minimum ePub structure
would be well received by a lot of people.

Kind regards,

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