Re: [xsl] Are there any free, fully-compliant XSLT/XPath 3.0 processors?

Subject: Re: [xsl] Are there any free, fully-compliant XSLT/XPath 3.0 processors?
From: Adam Retter <adam.retter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 21:02:45 +0000
> I really think that having a standard like EXPath (EXQuery?) or a
> centralized service like CXAN get adopted in a real way could spark an
> explosion of interest and activity.  It should be as easy for joe programmer
> to add value to the X* community as checking in some library on github or
> posting a module to Maven.  Am I naive? Maybe this has been tried and hasn't
> succeeded?  Maybe it is succeeding?

Its an interesting approach for sure. In the upcoming version of eXist
we have adopted the EXPath pkg spec pretty much wholesale and built
our own web repository for modules and libraries. We would love to
contribute more to CXAN and probably will however it is still early
days. The two issues with EXPath, CXAN and pkg spec at the moment as
we see them:

1) You have to extend pkg spec as its not yet complete or mature
enough. We have our own bits built-on-top, should be made common.
2) CXAN is a single server and there is no process for uploading
remotely. You have to ask and make arrangements to get stuff put on
3) Governance, EXPath project still seems to be one man in control of
the resources.
4) We have a feeling in the back of our minds that CXAN and pkg are
re-creating a less functional wheel than some stuff that is already
out there that could be adapted for this (Maven etc).

> Sorry for the long post - this isn't something I've spent a lot of time
> thinking about deeply and it probably shows in the rambling incoherency...
> -Mike

Adam Retter

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