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Subject: Re: [xsl] Processing approach
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Subject: Re: [xsl] Processing approach

> Ibm not sure whether I have completely understood the scenario, but did
> you consider using tunnel parameters?
> Calculate the variable once, in the context of a node that is
> ancestor-or-self to all affected nodes, and pass this variable as a
> tunnel parameter to apply-templates, to next-match, or to call-template.

Hi Gerrit,
I am stuck with xslt 1 with this task. I suppose the simplest way to describe
is the variables created while in one node create foreign key refs against the
obvious matching values I generate while in another path.

Its simpler to use the various logic to generate the values once, then apply
at the same time in both locations. Often they are generated while in a for
However this generates a template call for the large element I am not
processing that ends up copying that node "n" times along with my new appended

In this case, all I really need to do is continually append the secondary
to the alternate location as I process and insert a node in the current


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