Re: [stella] Arkanoid clones

Subject: Re: [stella] Arkanoid clones
From: slapdash@xxxxxxxxxx (Russ Perry Jr)
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 22:25:15 -0600
Ben Combee (combee@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>One idea I had today, while thinking about new concepts for 2600
>games, was the idea of a 2600 version of Tomagochi, the virtual pet
>Or... along the same lines, how about a 2600 digital clock...

One of the odd projects I'd like to do "someday", and that I thought of
some years ago, would be to use the 2600 to as a scorekeeper for an
electronic dartboard.

I never did get to figure out how the boards work, but I figured it should
have been possible to hook it up to a joystick port and use the other for
selection, player change, etc (or if that was part of the board itself, you'd
be able to use both ports for the interface).

The software itself shouldn't be TOO complicated...

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