[stella] Wanted: Buff 2600 programmer for new game!

Subject: [stella] Wanted: Buff 2600 programmer for new game!
From: kickass <kickass@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 1997 01:20:20 -0400 (EDT)
Hi, I've got a game I want to make for the 2600, but assembly (especially 
2600 line-by-line,) is currently a bit out of my league. I am very adept 
at 2D graphics/sprites (3d too, but rendered gfx are a BIT out of the 
2600s league,) and can provide any and all gfx needed for the game (so long 
as the programmer knows how to turn them into game gfx, or can tell me 
how to...) I have a very specific idea for the game, and a very specific 
idea of what it should have for different versions, one and two player 
simultaneous modes (possibly four players w/ paddles,) I haven't really 
seen this game done on any system, either, so it would be a first (well 
not really*) Well, a first for a console system, anyway...

Can someone tell me what the different screen resolutions of the 2600 
are, and how many colors per scan line can be displayed in each mode (and 
exactly what was the 2600s pallette? I keep hearing 256, but have never 
heard a definate answer...)

I would love to have a programmer who agrees with me on the following:

1) The 2600 is the best system ever made for playing games (not looking 
at them, playing them,)

2) The 2600 provides the fastest gameplay on the planet (I've not seen 
anything faster,)

3) In the hands of a talented programmer, the 2600 can do amazing things 
(I believe it can do anything, but then, I've never had to program it! 
I've just seen the results of others work (Pitfall II, Solaris, Fathom, 
Space Shuttle, Kaboom!, Mountain King, etc,(Not to mention all the new
stuff I've seen on this list (rescue, oystar(tron,plan 9, etc)))

4) I don't expect the world, but at least a continent or other major, 
desirable land mass. (It would be nice if the game could have the polish 
of an imagic/acitivsion/good atari title, no flicker would be even better!)

5) Something of a dreamer, but with firm roots. Someone who finds someone 
saying 'you can't do that' as one of the best reasons to prove that 
person wrong.

6) A dedication to fun, fast, finely tuned gameplay.

7) Doesn't mind sharing the work with this list (a MUST,)

8) At least make a 4k cart out of it, or a supercharger 6k. (It 
realistically shouldn't need more then 4k, but this is the 90s, and tight 
code seems to be a thing of the past...) I want something that will make 
it easy for the few huddled masses of 2600 heads to ALL be able to play 
it (not everyone has pcs or emulators or superchargers, My good friend, 
and fellow collector, Carl, has no computers, and doesn't even play any 
other systems at all! For him, there is nothing greater than the 2600. I 
admire his purity, (but occasionally get sucked into a modern game with 
vacuous gameplay and gorgeous gfx/musc/etc))

Thank you for your kind attention! Please consider this seriously, and 
let me know. I feel this would make a great game!

(*loosely based on my first game watch, from ages ago, where a tank 
dodges falling bombs,(I'll fill you in on the game details when I hear
from you!)) 

Zilla (My -short- handle, short for Godzilla (1st used by me in '83 on
       my vic 20 w/ a 150bps modem (feel the speed!))
Kai Darius Kohl (Me,)
kickass (is just my email account, from a failed business partnership,)

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