[stella] Supercharger tape specs...

Subject: [stella] Supercharger tape specs...
From: Robin Harbron <robinh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 01:11:48 -0400
I did a rewrite of my playbin routine for the C64...
it still doesn't work :)  But here's a few questions
for you:

According to Chris Salomon's notes on the Supercharger
Low level tape format:
The optimal widths that maximize signal strength through
the filter are:
0 bit: 227 microseconds (range from 158-317)
1 bit: 340 microseconds (range from 900-2450)

Is the 227 microseconds correct?  That works out to about
4405 Hz, right?  The C64 can only handle up to about 
4000 Hz... seems funny to me - can a regular tape deck
handle that well?  Anyway, assuming it's right, I can't
use these optimal frequencies.  Another point of
clarification, is this pulse width of 227 microseconds
the whole cycle?  From 0 to + to 0 to - and back to +,
if you get what I mean... basically, does "pulse
widths" = "cycle length"?

When the C64 generates a pulse waveform, you choose how
much of the cycle is spent at the "top" of the waveform...
I've currently got that at 50%, I guess this works best...

I've arbitrarily chosen new widths of:
0 bit : 286 ms = 3500 Hz
1 bit : 428 ms = 2337 Hz
Should these be fine?


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