Re: [stella] Start addresses...

Subject: Re: [stella] Start addresses...
From: Robin Harbron <robinh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 09:40:30 -0400
Robert A. Colbert wrote:
> >Is the comment in error?  The _first_ two bytes?  I think so...
> No, that is referring to the first 2 bytes of the OUTPUT file, or the .wav file! (Actually to be more precise, it means the 1st 2 bytes of the 8 byte Suprecharger data header).

Thanks for the great responses, Bob and Eckhard... my
program is working now - I just want to add some "automagic"
features, based on the extra information I got from the
two of you.  So, maybe next week I'll have the program
done, and begin to work on an actual 2600 program! :)

Robin Harbron <robinh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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