[stella] Multi demo - the latest version

Subject: [stella] Multi demo - the latest version
From: Robert "A." Colbert <colbertb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 08:52:48 -0500
	Here is the latest version of my multi-sprite demo.  It may not look all that different, but there are some MAJOR changes.  These include: playfield changed every 2 lines instead of every 4.  Player can be placed every 2 lines instead of every 4.  Nasty bug removed that made sprites "disappear" sometimes.  All sprites are the same color, this is only because I am modifying the code to allow using different shapes for the sprites, and the colors will not be based on the sprite number as they were before, but rather on the shape and the current line of the shape.  There are only 5 sprites here, though I have had 9 on screen, I compiled this version with 5 just so you could study it a bit. 

And the biggie:

Move the joystick RIGHT to move the sprites!  This was added so I could examine the behavior of the sprites in different situations.  The sprites start out in a "worst-case" scenario... that is they are all conflicting with eachother, so they will flicker.  Move the joystick to the right and they will move around for ya...

Now that I have this perfectly functional, I will be working on optimizing it and adding the other player and hopefully at least 1 missle (or ball).  Let me know if you find any bugs in this!

				Have Fun,

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