Re: [stella] re: optimizations; Call for suggestions

Subject: Re: [stella] re: optimizations; Call for suggestions
From: Robin Harbron <robinh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 08:52:09 -0400
Greg Miller wrote:
> Nick S Bensema wrote:
> > But as far as speed goes, the Atari 8-bit is only twice as fast, and the
> > Commodore 64 is actually SLOWER in clock speed.
> DES is, shall we say, demanding... A small block of text can take an hour on a
> PC XT, until you finish the optimization. I'm afraid to think what it'd be
> like on a 6502... BTW: The C128 runs at 2MHz

And my C64 runs at 20Mhz, with a 65816 in 6502 emulation mode :)
I'll have 16MB of RAM for it soon too, talk about room to unroll
some loops!  If this intrigues you, check out:

My C64->Supercharger program is nearly done - I've been using it
to write programs for the 2600 already.  I just want to improve
the user interface, to make it easier for unknowledgable folks to
send .bins.  Although, probably everybody using this thing will
be very knowledgable... I also want to include a really nice doc
file, this may take a while.

For this purpose, may I freely quote all the A2600 documents I've
obtained from the Internet, as long as I'm giving references?

Robin Harbron <robinh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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